How do I use 2 Priority Passes for 2 passengers for food at Movida Sydney?

Does anyone know if I can use my two priority passes at Movida in Syd on the same day.
ie. get a meal for myself, and another for my partner and pay for them seperatley, using my Priority Pass for both?
or will it be limited to one per airport per day?

I believe you can use both. One for you and one to cover for a guest. So both of you will get a credit but you can’t poll the credits together. You’d have to order dishes within your own limit and pay the excess yourself even if you have credit left over from your guest.

Are you sure ? Your Priority Pass has your name attached to it and can only be used by you.

From memory there needs to be a 2-3hr gap before you can use the other at the same venue.

IMO get mains only at movida and keep the total around $37 or pay the small extra. Go to another venue in T2 for dessert straight away and keep the bill under $37 again

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I’ll look into the T&Cs a bit more and post back after trying it in a couple of months.

Thought I’d update the thread after I tried this. The waitress at Movida was a little uncertain and unclear, but it seemed like she thought a second swipe would be charged as a guest and hence charge $36 to my card. I didn’t take the risk. We were able to get 2 meals and a hot chocolate for just over $36 anyway.