How do I track where my Flybuys points have gone?

I recently transferred 1,200,000 Citibank Rewards points over to Flybuys.
Should have been 1,200,000 Flybuys points - but only 120,000 showed up.
It is clear that Citibank transferred them, but Flybuys claim it’s nothing to do with them & are not interested.
Where do I do to fight this?

I don’t have a Citi card or account but do you get any written confirmation (e.g. emails) when you do a transfer? However, this is probably obvious in the activity page.

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Hi, yes sure. Got all that sort of confirmation so no disputing that Citi sent the points across, but Flybuys are just denying they did, or that they are responsible for actually putting those points onto my Flybuys account!

Hmmm. Not sure what would be the best way forward. If it was me, I’d try and escalate via social media and/or somehow get Citi/NAB and flybuys on a 3 way call to sort it out. Might be an uphill battle if dealing with overseas call centre.

Good luck and keep us posted how you go.

Yes, It’s a real battle. Now Flybuys have admitted the points were transferred to them, but they still don’t show up on my account!
Am submitting a complaint through the office of fair trading…

If the situation stays the same and if I was in your shoes, I would raise a complaint with AFCA.

You entrusted Citibank with your points and they failed to deliver. In my opinion, it is Citi’s responsibility until the points are credited to your FlyBuys account.

When you raise a complaint with AFCA, it will query Citi and then Citi will chase FlyBuys. Keep us posted with any updates/outcome.