How do I find 5 premium award seats to London via Dubai in September?

I’m new to all of this and would really appreciate any help!\

I would like to fly my family of 5 (all adults) to London with a stop over in Dubai for 1 night in September 2024 - anywhere from the 16th of September to the 20th of September. I have 1.5million Qantas FF Points and would ideally like to go Business or First but even if I can get Premium Econ if I upgrade somewhere with points? I can’t seem to find any rewards flights, but it says there could be more available from July 1st. Do I risk it and wait until July 1st or just book with cash in Premium economy and hope for the best?!

Hi @lg1 and welcome,
You don’t say where you’re departing from in Australia, or whether you’re after a return itinerary or just one way with points. You are pretty much looking for a needle in a haystack given it’s Aussie school holidays around that time as well.

A quick Multi-City search amazingly is showing 5 business class seats to Dubai & London though - with your stop over in Dubai - if you can get to Kuala Lumpur first. You’d need to move your desired dates slightly back a bit.

Both of these flights are A380-800 planes too, so they have the better Business class seat layout 1-2-1, when compared to the 777 2-3-2 arrangement.

I’d suggest using the Points Hacks Concierge Service to help you put together an itinerary that is going to allow you to include these Business class options on the way over and also get you back home again. You’ll need to move fast if you want to lock this in.

As you get closer to your departure dates, you should keep an eye on those same flights and see if any 1st class seats open up. If you have spare points left over you can always amend your booking to take advantage of 1 or 2 of those 1st class reward seats. There will be a small points fee for the change and you’ll be refunded for the unused business class seats, once the new ticket is issued as well.

Best of luck. :crossed_fingers: