How do I find 2 seats from Sydney to Tokyo in February 2023 with Qantas points?

Hi guys, I’d like to book a flight from sydney to haneda on approx 6th or 7th feb 2023. I’d ideally like to get 2 business class seats on Qantas but that’d looking like close to 0% chance of happening.
The qantas website is so terrible and slow to check day by day.
What can you suggest would be my next best option?

G’day @ollie,

Unfortunately, award availability at the moment is pretty terrible across the board. I myself have been looking for a trip around then as well, to catch the ski season, and have had zero luck with any business class seats on Qantas. There is actually some award availability in premium economy on Japan Airlines departing on the 7th, which, I would argue, is superior to Qantas’ own premium economy. That’s really the only direct, non-economy flights I can find for those dates.

In terms of searching for flights, my first port of call for Oneworld airlines is actually the American Airlines website, which has a nice and easy to navigate calendar for award searches. You can also get a calendar view on Qantas, by going to the ‘multi-city’ search engine, checking the box labelled ‘Classic Rewards only’, and inputting flights and dates, removing any blank segments. Be sure to tick the box ‘Flexible with dates’ when selecting your search dates, as that will give you the full calendar view. Another option is to pay for something like an expert flyer subscription, which will notify you if (only if) award seats become available on specific routes, airlines etc.

As you’re probably aware, business class on Qantas generally is harder to find on popular routes, as they’re quite stingy with it, but you do have to try to be flexible as well.

Hope this helps, and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions,

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If you are willing to shell out a bit of cash for a bit of extra convenience, I know a lot of “points hackers” use expertflyer. Basically, it monitors for award seats on the flights that you want and sends you an email for when it is available. Of course, that day might never come, but if you get sick of checking everyday, $99 USD will take that stress of you! HAH!

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