How do I earn 20 Qantas status point without flying?

Hi All,

as per title, I have 280 Qantas Status Points that will expire at the end of August and I’m looking to get 20 more to reach for the first time ever my Silver Status.

Unfortunately due to a nasty injury I had to cancel 2 work related flights in August which would have easily cover the gap.

Just wondering if there is a way and if it’s worth to chase these 20 points or If I have to let go.

I was thinking to ask Qantas to postpone my deadline by a month or two, as I will have more flights coming in September, has anyone experienced a similar situation?


Hi Rasics82,

I’m sorry to say that I think it’s better to let go and try again next year.

I do know how exciting it can be to finally attain Status for the first time (it was for me!). And if you were only 20 Status Credits away from Gold, it may well be worth chasing. But Silver simply isn’t worth the extra money you’ll have to spend on either a “status run” or a credit card that comes with Status Credits.

My suggestion would be that you either try again next year, or you could consider taking out Qantas Club membership if it’s lounge access that you’re after. If you go for the Qantas Club membership, be aware that there are many unions, professional associations, clubs and businesses out there that have discounted QC membership as a perk – you might be associated with one already.

Re your idea about asking Qantas to postpone your deadline for medical/health reasons: it’s always worth asking nicely. The worst thing that can happen is that they’ll say “no”, but you might be pleasantly surprised. Make sure you let them know that you can produce a medical certificate if they want one: that will help them to know that you’re genuine.

Hope this helps and all the best for your recovery.

Achieving 20 status credits would be roughly $200 - $400 dollars of spend on domestic which is not worth it for Qantas Silver where you only get a few lounge passes and nothing more really. If you were aiming for some kind of benefit that came with the silver status, it would make more sense to just pay for those perks individually using your saved cash instead of spending them on a status run. Remember, the program is for frequent flyers and if you can’t achieve it, you just aren’t the person they’re targetting.

Thanks everyone for the answers, I think it’s mostly for the thrill of being something other than Bronze :-).

I’m technically a FF as I’m up in the air at least twice a month with Qantas, but they are all chartered flights and we receive only 10 status credit per flight, barely enough to get silver within a year.

When I go on holiday, thanks to this community I always manage to get either rewards seats (heading to Europe next month with emirates for instance) or “free” or discounted flights due to credit card perks including some lounges, so I cannot really complain.
I made a rookie mistake few months ago when I booked an economy return flight to Seoul with Cathay without realizing the class was too low to qualify for any Qantas point.

Anyway, I’ll try with a call, and I’ll will let you now how it goes :smile:


Hi rasics, I’d strongly recommend you call Qantas and ask them. Also another thing is make a booking for as soon as possible, even after the reset date, and let them know you have an upcoming booking that would tip you over but due to injury it will be just after the reset date. This will help I’m sure. (Been done before :slightly_smiling_face:)

Just a quick update, it might be useful to someone.

I made a call to Qantas as recommended and they simply granted me 20 points.
It was fairly easy and the customer service was great.
It took a couple of months to receive the upgrade as I’ve been told they were extremely busy, but I’m silver now, aiming to gold this year :slight_smile: