How do I decide where to transfer my AMEX points (KrisFlyer or Asia Miles)?

Afternoon all,
With the upcoming decrease in AMEX transfer value
I am hesitating transferring my points to either KrisFlyers or Asia Miles, both are expiring after 36 months.
If others have gone through the same exercise I was wondering what criteria you took in consideration to make your decision?
Seat availability wise, is it similar between both?
Does one program requires more miles than the other to book similar flights?

Hi Olivier,

This is the process I would suggest you follow. It’s exactly the same process I’m following, as I’m planning two return business class flights to Europe with my wife and I have well over three hundred thousand AmEx points to transfer before April 14.

  1. Determine where you want to travel to, and when. What, exactly, do you want to use your points for?

  2. Spend some time (and you do have some time) checking availability – to the destinations you want, and preferably on the dates you want. What’s availability like on Cathay and/or its partners as opposed to Singapore and its partners for the specific redemptions you have in mind? Also determine how many points each programme requires for the redemption you want. Each programme has different “sweet spots”.

  3. Transfer to KrisFlyer or Asia Miles based on your findings.

Let me give you a “case study” of my situation. To get to Europe on Singapore Air, flying business, it requires 116,000 KrisFlyer Miles. On Cathay, the requirement is 85,000 Asia Miles. However, Asia Miles availability dried up last year so, if you’d asked me two days ago, I’d have responded that it was a no-brainer and I intend to transfer to KrisFlyer.
However, I checked the Asia Miles website again this morning and, miracle of miracles, availability seems to be returning! Given how much fewer points one needs for a redemption, Asia Miles seems the logical choice … if reward seats continue to be available.

But if you’re planning on going to a different destination or using your points differently, then what’s the best option for you may be very different.

Hope this helps!

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I chose KrisFlyer simply because I can transfer points from FlyBuys and Velocity, ending up with bigger balance.

Thanks for the advice, it s a changing landscape, I don’t have any upcoming trip firmed up yet but I’d like to make the transfer before the mid April devaluation

Are you able to pile a lot of miles with Flybuys?

Birenbaum is correct – one advantage of KrisFlyer is that you can transfer points from Velocity (though you’re sacrificing 35% of your points in the process).

As one who shops at Coles for a family, yes, you can make a big heap of points from Flybuys, especially if you keep on top of their bonus point offers.

Really you can’t go wrong with either Asia Miles or KrisFlyer. They’re both good programmes. You can use Asia Miles on any Oneworld airline, including Qantas, and you can use KrisFlyer points on any Star Alliance airline as well as Virgin. But if you’re not sure you’re going to be using your points within three years, you should also consider Velocity as Velocity points won’t expire as long as you have a minimal level of activity on your account.

Yes, if you play your cards right you can accumulate a lot of miles with flybuys.
I Started with flybuys on January and at the moment I am sitting on 9K KrisFlyer miles equivalent, shopping mainly for myself only.

1.55:1 transfer ratio now :expressionless: