How do I bypass the annual limit for AAdvantage miles purchase?

American has a 35% discount on buying miles atm.
However they (they way I read their Ts&Cs) limits an account to having a max of 150,000 miles in a year. Whether accumulated, purchased or gifted from 3rd party.

150000 miles is not even enough for two (one way) business class flights from Sydney to Europe. I need 170,000. So although this AA program seems reasonably costed. It is not much use to me.
Any ideas on how to get around this 150K limit? any other ideas?
Thank you

Hi grego99,

The AAdvantage FAQ page says that the maximum number of points you can “purchase for yourself or receive as a gift” is 150,000 per calendar year. That’s very different from saying that you can have no more than 150,000 points in your account. You can have an unlimited number of points, and you can accumulate more points than 150,000 per year (though flying, credit cards, Share Miles transfers etc).

If you need 170,000 miles, and you have no other way of accumulating miles, you just have to think long-term – buy 150,000 miles now and the rest on or after Jan 1 next year.

The easiest solution, though, is the one that’s staring you in the face. There are two of you! Each of you can purchase 150,000 miles each, right now. After that do a Share Miles transfer if you need to. Note that you can transfer a maximum of 200,000 points per year using Share Miles.

Hi Sixtyeight

Thanks for the reply, I was under the impression you couldn’t accumulate more than 150000 p.a.
I guess I read it incorrectly?
Thank you

You can’t purchase more than 150000 points/year. You can accumulate way more than that using other means.


I had to buy AA miles with 2 accts for one of my first redemption trips. So that is exactly the most straightforward way to bypass the annual limit.

Just be mindful to calculate the necessary miles to not leave any orphan points in one acct.