How do I book the 'smaller internal flights' in Italy via Qantas Frequent Flyer?

September 2018, my wife and I are planning to go on Emirates Business
~Dubai- Amman .Royal Jordanian, economy as its a short flight
~(possibly a RJ internal flight to Aqaba)
~Amman- Rome, Royal Jordanian economy
then we have 4 weeks traveling Italy. train/car and the odd flight.
~Such as Naples - Sicily( any airport as traveling around)
~Rome -Perth,Emirates business class
My question is how do I plan to book my trip with the internal flights & the other airlines
Emirates, RJ & Alitalia on the qantas website?
Or should I call FF to book when the flights become available?
And as its not an ‘around the world’ trip(280k points business) is this a good way to save some points by only using business class on the the long haul?

We so wanted to go to Egypt, but alas, Egyptian friends and my doctor have told me to avoid the country next year especially as it a government election year, to much MORE unrest!!! So off to Petra instead (dont know if that’s a good idea as it borders Syria, Iraq-but monitoring Smarttraveller!!!


You cannot use Qantas points for Alitalia as it’s not a one world airline.

Have a look at Qantas partners on this list

You can redeem Classic Reward seats on Emirates and RJ but not Alitalia.

You have to compare the point required versus the cost of $ tickets. Generally, value of points used is much better on Business/First Class seats. Unless of course, the economy seats are already very costly. You need to compare the cents per point and compare which flight is worth using points on.