How can I use Velocity and/or ANZ Rewards points to fly to Cairo in September 2023?

I have copious amounts of points in ANZ REWARDS and also VELOCITY, of which part of those are going to expire(anz) so I wanted to transfer them out of ANZ in anticipation of flying to Cairo next September, and getting upgrades… but to all intents and purposes it appears that Virgin does not fly to Cairo and when I try to book with Velocity point for a qatar flight (which it says I can since 6 September as they are linked) it will not allow me… frustrating!
Any ideas please

Hi @lee_saunig

Virgin partners with both Qatar and Etihad and both offer options from Australia to Cairo.
When redeeming points, make sure you check the “Use points” option on the Virgin website otherwise it will not allow you to enter Cairo as the destination (as you have keenly observed, Virgin doesn’t fly there).

Just checking a random day in September (the 4th), I see that there is Etihad flights available via Abu Dhabi to Cairo in both Economy and Business class. However, Qatar Airways appears to only release Economy reward seats for the time being.

I hope this helps. Let us know how you get on!

thanks soooo much for that info!!!
Is there a trick to getting to that page/site? As I can’t find anywhere to enter the USE POINTS or flying by Qatar… can you please do a screen shot? or my email is

thanks again for help, above and beyond…

Turn on the toggle for “Use Velocity Points” and you should be able to enter the destinations. Then just enter days and number of passengers and hit search. There is nothing else you need to do to find Qatar or Etihad specific seats.