How can I redeem all my points (including Qantas) to avail a lieflat bed in business/first class?

I needed some assistance on how I could redeem the points I currently have altogether(not just Qanatas points) to travel to US.

I have been meaning to travel from Brisbane (Sydney/Melbourne) to Los Angeles(Las Vegas/SanfFrancisco whichever is the fastest route available) in Business or First class (flat bed). On 29sept to 1st Oct.

Then Los Angeles or San Francisco or Las Vegas to Japan (anywhere) business or first class. On 7th to 9th October. I need a flatbed on both my flights.

Can anyone please let me know what my options are, which points can I use to and how can I redeem them to avail this?

Hi and welcome.

Please share what different type of points you have and approximate point balances.

Sounds like only one passenger is travelling (you).

I have 400,000 Qantas points and no statuses like Gold etc…
And can you figure out how this works? oneworld alliance | Qantas AU

I’m the only one flying yes.

The reason I ask about the point balances is, your initial post led me to think that you have other bank/airline points at your disposal (besides your healthy stash of Qantas points).

Oneworld alliance is an alliance of airlines where they share benefits such as status benefits, the ability to use points on partner airline flights (e.g. use Qantas pts for Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines).

Have a read of these articles here for Qantas OneWorld RTW redemptions, which is like an advanced award redemption, if you can get it to work. Challenging for beginners as there are quite a few hoops to jump through.

I need to know the availabilities and possibilties since I’m not familiar with any of the above.

Have a read of these articles and do some searches on your own on the Qantas website.

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Hi @marina

This guide will also be helpful: