How can I keep accruing Qantas FF points while working in the UK?

Hi all,
I will be working in the UK for just over a year, and want to keep accruing Qantas FF points with my spedning etc over there. Money spent will be a mixture of funds transferred from an Australian account and UK wages.

Thank you for your advice


you probably don’t want to use a qantas point earning credit card for your daily spend as you will likely be charged conversion rates - unless you get a fee free option like bankwest world mastercard? You can use qantas mall for your online shopping, perhaps buy some wine on Epiqure - although it might need to be delivered to an Aus address…

Does anyone know of UK loyalty programmes (such as for BA) that can be converted to Qantas FF points?

Jamesshack, most frequent flyer points can’t be transferred between 2 different types of programs.

Hi Jameshack,

Apologies for the late response.

If you still hold a AU credit card that earns Qantas points, you can still use your AU credit card in UK however, you have to do your own calcs whether the forex surcharge is worth paying for the Qantas points earned (usually not unless you value Qantas points to be very valuable).

Another way to earn Qantas points is to credit your flights in UK to Qantas (if you are flying BA or other Qantas partner or oneworld Alliance airlines.