How can I book a flight from Vietnam to Dubai using Qantas points?

Hello, I am wondering if there is something I am doing wrong or if there is a particular reason I can’t book an Emirates flight departing Hanoi?

I am trying to book a flight during May 2023 from Hanoi to Dubai. The flight appears on the Emirates website and it also occurs if I look it on the Qantas website as a return flight departing Dubai. When it comes to searching for the direct from Hanoi to Dubai i get nothing.

Some ports like Doha does not appear via website or app as an origin. You will need to call Qantas to redeem. Something to do with the currency, as taxes will be calculated based on origin’s currency.

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Yes as @w.hiew said, commencing in Hanoi is the problem. For some reason, Qanta’s website just doesnt like it. This AFF article is helpful to note for all these exceptions including:

You are not commencing any segments in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Phnom Penh or Kota Kinabalu (however, you can end a segment here and then use a surface sector to commence the next segment somewhere else)

However, you should be able to phone up and book given that you can see the flights available when you search for a return ticket.

thanks for your help @w.hiew and @djtech. This is my first time trying to book with points for a business class/first class ticket and it is pretty tricky! Actually, I am trying to book for 2 passengers so from what it looks like first class is out of the equation :frowning:

the saga continues - We spoke with the call centres from multiple countries and they all can’t book the entire flight. We found the Fiji call centre could book the Hanoi to Dubai flight but then said there was no business class availability on the next leg to Athens.

From my end, there is almost a whole week of availability with multiple airlines from Dubai to Athens. What is going on here? :smile:

Would there be any negative outcomes if we book the Hanoi to Dubai flight over the phone and then book the Dubai to Athens flight just on the website ourselves?

I think this might increase the cost, create two separate flights and potentially stuff us around if one of the legs is cancelled. What do you think about this idea?

Hmm, maybe the agents have trouble connecting the flights together for a single itinerary. If you can’t overcome this friction, maybe try to get them to book a multi-city booking. This should eliminate the problems with not seeing availability after selecting the Hanoi to Dubai flights and link the two flights onto the same booking so in the event of a cancellation, you will be re-acommodated.

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