How best to use Qantas points for one way and cash for the return flight?

Hi there,

I am trying to book SYD-LAX return. The plan is to use Classic Rewards for a premium economy seat on the first leg and pay for business on the way back as there are no business rewards seats available, and I am keen to lay down on the red eye.

However I can’t seem to book just one leg of a return flight as a classic reward seat through the Qantas website. Is there a way I am missing, or is it only possible to book a trip like this over the phone? Or is this just not possible at all?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Do you mean just booking a one way flight from Sydney to LA? You can do that from the website - just select “one-way” instead of ‘return’.

Sorry no I mean I am trying to secure a return booking:
SYD-LAX Premium Economy (rewards)
LAX-SYD Business (paid outright)

If I just do two one-way purchases, the LAX-SYD business ticket costs the same as paying for SYD-LAX return business does.

Hey @jackstewart,
I will admit that I have never purchased a mixed rewards - cash booking. You probably would have found this already, but same-cabin itineraries can be booked with cash one way, and points the other. However, airlines tend to not allow at all the purchase of a return fare in one cabin class, because they discount return fares. I daresay this would apply here. You may be able to call Qantas and ask for them to book the itinerary for you, or go through a travel agent, but I’m not sure. However, any airline will generally prevent mixed-cabin itineraries being priced as a return, because their argument is that a return fare is 2 identical conditions for travel, which mixed cabin itineraries are not (they don’t like catering to individuals, who would have thought). TL:DR - airlines don’t like you booking mixed-cabin return itineraries, regardless of you using points or cash.

That makes sense! Thanks for the explanation.

I also lucked out and managed to find business rewards seats for the SYD-LAX leg, and it did let me book the return leg business in cash. It would appear that the mixed-cabin attempt was the issue. Would have called to see if they’d do it over the phone but don’t need to anymore.

Hope this helps anyone else wondering the same thing!

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