How best to use Qantas and Amex points for my retirement?

I hope you can help me. I have saved my points with Qantas and Amex and waiting to use on my retirement.

I had 388,000 Qantas points which expired in December and I am in the process of getting them back and I have a further 323,000 with Amex. I am a little lost how to use the 711,000 points. My wife suggested that we cash them in with an voucher which I am against.

Can you help and suggest what I should do?



I think the Point Hacks community would be more-or-less unanimous in suggesting that the best use of your points would be to redeem them for business class reward flights.

If your AmEx points are of the type (Ascent Premium) which can be converted into Qantas points, it might make sense to do so given your Qantas point balance. Otherwise convert them to Velocity if you mainly want to travel domestically, or into an overseas programme such as KrisFlyer if you want to mainly fly internationally. Make sure you do so before April 14 or your points will halve in value.

All the best for your retirement!

I appreciate your help.

One really great redemption oportunity is that once you retire you might consider a round the world trip. For just 280,000 Qantas points per person, you could have a round the world trip with different OneWorld airlines all in business class. So with your points balance that would be more than enough for 2 people to travel business around the world. Or if you want to splurge, 420,000 points for round the world in first class. PointsHack has an article about this great value redemption, often times greater value than just redeeming for one business class reward flight!

Hi, what do you mean “halve in value”? Does this apply to QF points as well?! :open_mouth: Should I convert my QF points into something else? Or use them?

Hi yoomna.arif,
American Express Membership Rewards points will halve in value after April 14. Qantas points will NOT halve in value. You don’t have to worry about this unless you have AmEx Membership Rewards points. If you do have AmEx points you should convert them before April 14.