How best to use my points?

I need some advice on the smarter use of these points

Over the past year I earned 500k in credit card points. I was going to transfer them to KrisFlyer (1:1) and was going to burn about 400k on a trip for 2 from US to Europe (One leg SQ in the Suites and return leg in Premium Eco) but then I wondered…is this the best use of my hard earned points? Is it smarter to save these and see if I can get a RTW for us next year? The only limitation is that we only have about 15 days of vacation time

Disclaimer- I am a big avgeek so ideally I want to use them on flights not necessarily on hotels, although if it is a more efficient use of points I would consider that as well

Hi @_jimmyP

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I personally wouldn’t attempt an around-the world trip in 15 days — unless your idea of discovering a country’s culture, history, people & delights is visiting its airport lounges. You’ll be spending so much time travelling to/from airports and flying, that you won’t have anywhere near enough time to enjoy the places you visit.

Yes, flying is generally the best use of your points.

You’ve accumulated half a million points this year, which means that you can do it again next year. My advice would be to enjoy a trip to Europe as you have suggested, and plan for a longer RTW trip a couple of years from now.

All the best!