How best to use 600,000 Westpac Altitude points?

G/day all,
Newby here and hope I am in the right place, I have 600000 + Westpac altitude points and quite frankly I am confused as to what I can do with them, I am 77 but still fly overseas so I wonder if that would be a possibility, they did offer me some money awhile back to quit them but did not know if that was the best thing to do.
Can someone give an old fella some decent advice on this, I would be most appreciative.



Hi George,
A couple of questions so that we can help a bit better.

Where do you plan to travel next or where do you frequent overseas?
Are you likely to be travelling alone or with another person or more?
Would you like to travel in more comfort in a premium cabin or would you prefer to fly more frequently?
Where are you based and would you be happy to transit if flying in premium cabin or would you prefer to fly the shortest/quickest way from A to B?

We mostly go to Italy (Milan) but we could go anywhere really,
My wife and myself travel
Travel more frequently, Economy is ok with us
Based in Perth WA
Shortest , quickest way probably best for us


Hi George,

Different programmes are better for different destinations. However, as a general rule, if you want to travel overseas the two programmes I would consider are Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific) and KrisFlyer (Singapore Airlines).

Using Milan as a case in point, there’s OK availability on both programmes, and you have more than enough Altitude points for the two of you to get there and back in Economy class.

Your better strategy, though, is deciding on a destination first. You could then come back to this website and ask a more specific question about the best ways to use your Altitude points to get there.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for the information, I was not aware that Altitude points could be used with Cathay and Singapore (Kris Flyer), I suppose I should access Altitude and have a look , being a bit anal when it comes to doing things on the computer I have not sought any info from Altitude. hope that makes sense.



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It costs 42k Asia Miles (via HKG with Cathay Pacific), 43k KrisFlyer Miles (via SIN with Singapore Airlines), or 65k Velocity pts (via SIN with Singapore Airlines) oneway in economy from Perth to Milan.

Depending on the transfer rate from Altitude to the programs above, it may cost less Altitude points one way or another. Typically, you would have no problem finding economy award seats if you are flexible with your dates.

Good luck.

Costs 781500 points to go from Perth to Milan return for two adults Economy with Emirates/Qantas according to the Altitude website. Qantas 746500, Singapore 788750, Cathay 841900.
To London Heathrow, Thai 723950, Singapore 768700, Cathay 790350, Qantas 746500
Month November 2019

It might be the costs if using Altitude pts directly. Best to transfer Altitude points to the relevant frequent flyer program and use frequent flyer program to redeem flights.

Oh ok did not know that was possible, would it be possible for you to show (example) me how to do that say with the Singapore airlines program.

I don’t have an Altitude card anymore. So couldn’t provide screenshots.

Try this website.

Or these might have some tips. But definitely not step by step walkthrough instructions.