How best to use 2 x 200,000 Qantas points for flights between Australia and Denmark?

My wife and I fly between Denmark and Australia every 6-12 months. We each have 200,000 Qantas pts and are happy to book flights well in advance if there is advantage to be gained.

What is the best way to make use of these points?

Reward seats…Qantas v. other airlines…we are newbies and so open to any advice

Hi @samuel.suke

As I’m sure you know, Qantas doesn’t fly directly between Australia and Denmark, so the simplest way to get to Denmark using Qantas points is to fly on one of Qantas’ partner airlines, such as Emirates.

If you have a look at the relevant Qantas’ Partner Classic Flight Rewards table, you’ll see that 200,000 points will get you a one-way ticket to/from Copenhagen in Business class (assuming you’re flying from Australia’s east coast), or a return ticket in Economy. In fact, you have enough points to fly one-way in Premium Economy and back in Economy.

Hope this helps!