How best to redeem the return leg whilst minimising the tax/surcharge?

Can any one assist with the best way to make a Qantas classic reward booking for First Class flights to Europe and back?

Booking a multi city outbound flights from Australia to Germany is considerably cheaper in fees, taxes and other carrier charges then booking a multi city inbound flights from Germany to Australia using Qantas frequent flyer points (it is cheaper by about $500)

The reason for the two separate bookings is the amount of time between outbound and inbound trips (about 5 weeks). I want to be able to snap up the outbound flights as soon as possible (353 days out) and the inbound flights to Australia won’t be released at the time I need to make the first booking.

Is it feasible to do only one reward booking for the multi city flights Australia - Germany - Australia 353 days ahead of time and pick a temporary date for the Germany to Australia return flights (eg 1 day after the outbound flights)?
This single rewards booking incurs only the AUS fees, taxes and most importantly “other carrier charges” saving around $500.
Then 5 weeks later when the reward flights are released make a change to the booking to select these new dates for the return flights.

I realise there is a 5000 point cost per person involved for making changes to the date for the return flights.

Is this a reasonable idea or is it a major risk.? There is a significant amount of QFF points involved and I would hate to somehow lose them, by screwing up the change for the return flights to Australia.

Hi rscott9999,

Your suggestion of changing the flight when the return leg opens for redemption sounds fine.

Good luck.


Hi Warren

Thanks for the response.

The value of a QQF point is approx. $0.05 with the option of making one booking Australia-Germany-Australia in first class.

To make a change to that booking will cost 10,000 QFF points (eg approx. $500 of QF first class points value).

The other option of making two bookings a) Australia-Germany and then b) Germany-Australia is about $500 more expensive in cash due to higher “other carrier charges”.

So there is no real difference in monetary value. Option 1 will cost in QQF points where the other Option 2 is in cash.

So I am unsure whether there is any advantage of making 2 bookings, 5 weeks apart or just making 1 booking and making date changes later when the inbound flights are released?