How best to redeem flights to USA on Qantas or American Airlines?

Hi, I have been attempting to book 5 seats around the 11 December Brisbane - Vancouver. There are options, but its a bit of work. I have been told , i am too early for December. Would that be correct?

My aim is AA72 Sydney - LAX.

I don’t believe it is too early for Americsn Airlines. Calender should be opened by now. If you are looking for 5 business class tickets, your chances would be very low. 2 seats are typically doable, 3-4 is a stretch, 5 is quite unheard of on QF. Coupled with a very popular Pacific flight and close to Xmas period. I don’t like your chances.

If you are using QF pts, depending on your QF status, QF flights get released between 300-350 days in advance. Bronze/Silver gets the left overs.

Try searching for 2 seats and other hubs like DFW and SFO.

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Well as I said we have options one of which uses American but just not from Sydney , It has been noted in other places that no Classic awards have been posted after around 30/11 . I am happy with bus seats , you can have the business seats. , But there is not much and China Eastern looks good , but its long to Vancouver and high in pots at 75k. Qantas FF said these seats would be opened on 1 March , but now we have a US sale and its been backed off. I may have to talk to my QF source. My problem is do I grab what I can now or wait a bit longer. American is cheap at $500 for 5 to Vancouver from Sydney.
Dallas is a bit long but will look, Have tried SF and Vancouver direct and nothing in December. I am not surprised to see the airline being hungry for real money.

Ah in economy, it is much more feasible then.

At $500 to Vancouver, it sounds like a bargain however you put it. I would jump on it if I were looking at economy to Vancouver at that time.

Yes I would agree, but then no , absolutely no redemption flights between Australia and USA have been released and they wont say when they will be. How long do you wait. I really dont want to fly Brisbane Vancouver on China Eastern for 75000 pts plus 269AUD , I am been watching since January and nothing.
But on NOV 6-20 I can get 5 of us from Brisbane to SYD to LAX to VCR for 45000pts each and 768 AUD all up.

That deal should be around in December also.