How best to plan my Qantas oneworld RTW itinerary?

Hi Point Hacks brains trust.

I’m in the early stages of planning a trip for September/October 2020, and would like your thoughts as to the best way to book the flights (using QFF points) and in what particular order we should go:

We wish to go to Boston, Quebec, Montreal, Edinburgh, The Hague and Paris as our key stops.

And yes, we can do internal travel (ie: Boston > Quebec > Montreal; and The Hague > Paris) by train (as that’s my preference).

So . . . would this be classified as a RTW trip? Or would it not?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and advice.

My thanks, Claire

Your overall trip would definitely fit in as a round the world trip. However, if you are planning to book this as a Oneworld Round the World award using Qantas points, I’d recommend a stop in Asia or the Middle East on the way back from Europe because your current trip is quite short and you’ll be charged the same amount of points no matter how much under the RTW limit you are.

For your cities, I would fly from Australia to a city on the east coast (boston or new york) and then purchase domestic flights or train tickets to travel to Canada. Then from a city in the east coast, fly to a city in Europe (hopefully somewhere you plan to visit like Paris or Edinburgh). Then you can make your way back to Australia and maybe a stop over in Asia along the way. I think you’ve got this whole RTW trip planning down pat.

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