How best to get to USA in December 2018 with Velocity and Qantas points?

Hi hackers

My wedding is in December 2018 in Houston. Id love to fly myself and Mum there in business class as an experience for her and a bit more comfort. Getting to Houston isnt the goal per se id take anywhere in the usa as the arrival.

Any advice on best options. Im sitting on about 265k velocity points. 40k flybuys to trf. 120k Qantas points and am happy to buy points if needed.

Virgin direct on reward is ideal but near impossible.

Is via asia my best bet?

Where are you leaving from in Oz?

Best value IMO is Hawaiin Airlines BNE>HNL @ 65K velocity points each way in business class. Your 260K will cover you and your mum return. Then buy revenue fares from Honolulu to Houston on Delta in C+ or “first” class to rack up some sweet status credits (make sure you setup family pooling with your mum if you’re eligible to get her SCs as well).