How best to get from New York to Europe with Velocity points?

Hi all,
Looking at booking NYC to Europe next August with Velocity points in business (for two people). Flexible with dates and airports and looking for some guidance on the best options.
Virgin Atlantic, Singapore, Delta, are any significantly better in terms of ease of booking, availability or fees?
NYC to London is 3452 miles, which for all options seems to be around 50k points. Could explore a First option if it’s likely to be available.

Any help getting started would be much appreciated, I’m looking to book soon!


Your options for direct flights to London is via Delta and Virgin Atlantic.

I am not sure whether Virgin Atlantic award space shows on the VA website. Try calling Velocity hotline to ask about award space on the dates you are considering.





Thanks for your response Warren.

Singapore Air is 65k points (87.75k Velocity points) to Frankfurt, would their product be considered worth the premium in terms of points? Over 30k more Velocity points for a similar flight with Delta or Virgin Atlantic.

Are fees and taxes comparable for these options?