How best to fly our family to Europe/Canada for 2021 New Years with frequent flyer and bank points?

I have access to FF points and want to use them to fly the family (2 adults/three children) to Europe/Canada in December 2020/January 2021. The FF balance I have access to are as follows:

AMEX: 2.4m
Westpac: 3.0m
Citibank: 4.0m
Qantas: 0.5m
Singapore: 1.8m

What is the best way to approach booking flights? Happy to travel economy.

Thanks in advance

That’s a lot of points currencies you currently have so you have plenty of options. It all depends on what the award availability situation is.
The most straightforward routing to Europe would be to via Singapore. Your most useful currencies in that case would likely either be Singapore, Qantas or Asia Miles.
If you are going to Canada, consider transferring your credit card currencies to either Velocity or use your Qantas points as that would be the most straightforward routing.

Economy would obviously be much easier to find availability for and both of these routes are quite difficult to find space for the whole family in Business class.

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