How best to fly from Sydney to Munich over Xmas with Qantas points?

Hi, planning to spend my Qantas points in Business from SYD or MEL to Munich and back.(mid Dec to early Jan 20).
What is the best way of doing this?( as there is obviously limited availability, I am quite flexible with dates and stops).

Well there are quite a few airlines that can get you there. You could redeem your points on Emirates, British Airways, Qatar and a whole load of other airlines. I’d suggest you just go on to and search for your desired routing and then see what your options are.

As you already know, it is peak season so best to be flexible with dates, airlines, and which cities you fly via. Try all Australia ports and if that doesn’t yield much, consider repositioning to ports such as SIN, HKG, BKK.

Good luck.

I booked a First Class reward flight to Munich from Sydney with Emirates with QFF points over XMAS this year.