How best to complete a Starwood stay to earn SPG Gold with a World MasterCard?

Hello, I am hoping to fast track my SPG account to gold status utilising the one night offer on Altitude Black Mastercard.

I searched for the one star Starwood hotels in AP region and worked out that one of the cheapest hotels per night is about $65 somewhere in Indonesia. If I book this and go ahead with payment etc but not show up, will this count towards as a valid stay to collect the gold status? I don’t intend to ask for a refund.

Many Thanks in advance,


You will actually need to complete the stay unfortunately, which means checking in. Where are you based?

Thanks Keith. I am based in Sydney.

For Sydney, I’d have a look at the Four Points by Sheraton - I was looking at rates there for December, and in the days before Christmas and then before New Year, there were some nights as low as $150 and lower with prepaid rates. This was in the Starwood sale though that ended December 6th, so it might be up a little by now. Whether you stay the night or not is up to you, but you’ll need to check in and out.

I have SPG Gold to be worth the cost of one cheaper night in the past year, with the occasional better room, bonus points on check in, that kind of thing. All small benefits admittedly.