How best to book flights to Canada/USA in Dec/Jan with Qantas points?

Im seraching hard to find rewards seats for a trip to america/canada after christmas.
My ideal scenario is Premium economy seats for family of 4 from sydney to vancouver around 26th December then 6th Jan to New York 14th Jan to miami then 20th jan back to sydney?
does anyone knwo if this would be possible with qantas reward seats? or via using qantas piiunts some how.
i have been checking daily to try and get reward seats for sydney to vancouver but cant seem to find any seats. do you think they will relesase more?
should i look at a an expert flyer account?

thanks for the assistance ?

Premium economy cabin is quite small and so award availability isn’t as plentiful as economy. There are generally two big rounds of award availability releases - at the beginning of the calendar being loaded in, and near the date of departure with a few sprinkling of releases in between.
Transpacific flights are hard to book with points because of the huge demand especially in the premium cabins. Your internal US domestic flights shouldn’t be too hard to book though. An expert flyer account could alert you when there are award seats available in your desired flights and let you pounce on it quick but it does cost a bit of money. I’ll let you decide if it is worth it.
It isn’t impossible to get 4 seats in PE for your flights but it certainly isn’t easy, and as with much of this points game, it is down to a lot of luck.
BTW, you are probably not going to find too many seats on the direct SYD to YVR flight but have a look at 1 stop options that connect in LAX for example.