How best to book a flight from Morocco to Sydney?

Hi all first time on the forum so here goes,
My wife and l have managed to use QFF points for the first time and booked a trip to Spain then onward to Portugal & Morocco in mid August this year. We are trying to find the best/cheapest way to get home from either Marrakesh / Casablanca mid September 2019.
Seems we cant find a cheep option for one way flight, but when searching return flights its half the price. Are there any route options or hacks to finding a cheaper alternative flying home.
Regards Frank.

A ‘hack’ could be to book the return ticket and just take the one-way, forfeitting your return trip which could be worth it if you found a cheaper return fare than a one-way fare.
You could also try buying separate tickets to get back to Oz. Maybe look into flying from Morroco back to Europe (Madrid, Lisbon, London, etc) and then getting a separate ticket from there back home.

Hi thanks for the input, we thinking alike found one that works. Morocco to Madrid then Aus bound with Qatar and a Doha stopover all good now even earning QFF points.

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