How best to accumulate Krisflyer miles in light of the Amex devaluation in April 2019?

Hi there,

Can you let me know the best strategy to accumulate Kris Flyer air miles in light of the fact that Amex are devaluing their membership rewards points as of April 2019?

I have an Amex Business Accelerator credit card which currently gives me a transfer rate of 1 Amex rewards points to 1 Kris Flyer miles. As of April 2019 this then becomes 2 Amex rewards points to 1 Kris Flyer miles.

This Amex card also has 2 points per $ spend.

Would it be better to switch to an Amex Velocity card which is being devalued from 1.5 Velocity points to 1.25 Velocity points per $ spend, plus Velocity Points transfer to Kris Flyer miles devalued from 0.74 to 0.5 in Jan 19.

Are there any better credit cards on the market to accumulate Kris Flyer miles that isn’t affected by Amex and Velocity deviations next year?


The best strategy would be to switch to the product that earns you more FF points per dollar for your spending.

I dont know your spending,   but for mine Platinum Edge remains the better earner.