Help with strange seat map on Qatar B777-300ER?

I have an business award trip booked on Qatar in September from SYD to ZRH and back from ATH. Recently Qatar changed the plane on the DOH to ZRH sector (QR95) from a B777-200LR to a B777-300ER. But the seat maps on Seatguru and other sites in no way correspond to the seat map shown by Qatar (or RJ) for seat reservations. On Qatar, business class starts at the front of the plane but at row 11, with just 2 rows 11, 12 before a galley and toilet section then it starts again at row 15 which has just one left window seat and then rows 16-26 finish off business. It is a 1-2-1 configuration and not QSuite. And not angled liked in a reverse herringbone. It has 53 business seats in total.
I always check with Seatguru before making my reservation, but there’s nothing like this anywhere that I can find. Could it be there’s a first section they’re not showing? But 10 rows for first would be a bit much. Or maybe there’s a hidden 10 rows of business? But nothing really stacks up. Seatguru shows 3 different configs for this plane, none of which correspond.
Any thoughts??

QR took over some CX aircraft a little bit ago, allegedly a temp move, as CX had a lot of parked planes. Could be that?

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It might be as @daniel_bowman28 suggested, the Cathay seatmap.

Although it isn’t Qsuite, Cathay’s seat ain’t bad either.

Amazing! That’s exactly the layout I’m seeing. Thank you so much. I had booked 11D/G but now after seeing those seats flagged as possible problems, I’m reconsidering.


Give or take really for those seat options. I like the mini cabin feel - it is a bit more intimate. Never thought the bathroom situation and ‘foot traffic’ was an issue but then again depends if you are on a daytime or night time flight.

It’s a daytime flight, dep 0825 DOH arr 1340 ZRH. Mind you, we’ve just come up overnight from Sydney, so who knows what time it’ll be for us?
Thanks again

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