Help with Qatar Qmiles - do they have points + pay option for domestic travel in Australia?

Hi fellow hackers.

I am stuck so need ur help.
I have got Q-miles. Initially I had 13,700, out of them 3550 have expired and now 4368 miles are going to expire in Dec. 2017. I don’t have any plans as yet to travel with Qatar Airways till late next yr. at least.
Qatar has introduced an option to extend / re-validate expired Q-miles.
The amount for my 3550 expired Q-miles to re-validate is 70 AUD.
The other options to use these miles would be:

a. to redeem with Qatar and award partners … i was looking at this option as i need to travel to Melbourne from Perth, but for that the minimum points required is 25k… Does anyone know if they have got a points + pay option for domestic travel in Australia… lets say i pay some amount + these points to make a trip to Melbourne …

b. to redeem w/ partners and i was looking to book to London on Qatar Aiways using Qmiles + cash…couldn’t find any availability… OR Perth to Doha… no availability.

c. to redeem at Qatar duty free shop-- obviously if I will be travelling to Qatar, only then this option works for me and i don’t know at the moment how much the points would be worth…

d. to convert to Le club Accor hotels… it be equal to 2000 LCA points… will it give me a single night in any of their hotels in Melbourne or Sydney ?

e. excess baggage

Any help will be highly appreciated…

Which option i should go for. Should i go ahead and re-validate the expired miles for 70 AUD and look for a booking to either London or Doha thru their call center ? OR should i just let all the miles expire at their appropriate times, cz if 4368 miles will be expired in Dec. 2017, there will be an additional fees to re-validate those as well ?

Hope to get some help from the gurus…:slight_smile:


2000 accor points does not give a free night , it gives 40€ off. Sometimes helps to actually look at the redeem section of their website



There also doesn’t seem to be a points plus pay option for partner airlines awards bookings