Help with a Krisflyer award redemption - Is it better to book each leg separately or the whole trip in one transaction?

Hi All,

I am hoping someone could assist and provide some advice.
I have just currently made part of a booking through Kris flyer (it is my first time booking with them, and I was quite rushed to get it done whilst the 15% discount was on).

I wanted to book Melbourne (MEL) - Singapore (SIN) - Ko Samui( USM) return (with a stop over in Sin on the way home).

Now I am not too sure whether it would have been cheaper (less points) to book this as one trip or not. But what I did, was over the phone book a Melbourne - Singapore return (business there, first class suites on the way back). I then paid for that booking online.

Now I have the Singapore - Ko Samui flights on hold in my account (again they did it over the phone as it is a mix of economy and business).

Would it have been better to book this as one transaction?
If so, is there anything I can do now?
My Melbourne - Singapore booking got the 15% discount, however, the Singapore - Ko Samui that I have on hold is not eligible for it.

I know when I have booked awards with other airlines, I sometimes managed to get a ‘free’ stop over, and I am concerned the way I have done this it will cost me more.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the help!



You can rebook it for a fee of (I think) US$30, and I’m pretty sure they’d charge you the higher rate.

You should also consider a cash booking Singapore-Koh Samui, I suspect there will be budget airlines selling cheap fares (it’s not a long flight).

Now that it is after March 23, the new award chart (mile costs) will come into effect. This is true even if you have redemptions put on hold before 23rd of March.

For a simple all business class return redemption, the mileage costs is the same but you get a free stopover. If you don’t care about the free stopover, redeeming as 2 one-way costs the same number of miles.