Help needed with round the world trip planning


My daughter and I are following husband/dad around the world as he has to fly on a number of exercises in the military. We have spent too much time apart so decided to come with this time!

Below is aprox itinerary we need. She is only 4, so the main aim is to get to London with only one stopover by Decembe 9.

I have 350,000 points and was planning on buying one, paying for the other with points.

It wouldn’t allow me to find this journey. Any suggestions?

Should also add - preference was to go straight to London (with only 1 short stopover) but I couldn’t locate any flights…hence LA being first. But happy to get rid of this!!


Just a couple of things to note:

  1. Make sure you’ve ticked the ‘Classic Rewards Only’ box at the top of the Multi-City Flight trip planner.
  2. Is it possible to be flexible with dates? Considering the time of year and the popularity of the UK as a destination you may need to be.

That being said, I managed to find an itinerary as follows:

  1. SYD to LHR on Qantas + JAL (1 stopover in Tokyo for 5.5 hours) Departing 05/12/2022
  2. LHR to BNA on BA + AA (1 Stopover in IAD for 4.5 hours) Departing on 30/12/2022
  3. BNA to LAS on AA (1 stopover in DFW for 2.5 hours) Departing 07/01/2023
  4. For some reason I could not get the flight from Vegas to LAX to load - you may have better luck, or it might just be not possible - but shouldn’t be too difficult to work out!
  5. LAX to SYD on JAL (1 Stopover in Tokyo for 1.2 hours) Departing 07/02/2023

Of course, you don’t have to follow any of this. Seems like departing from Vegas was the issue, but obviously not 100% sure. That being said, managed to get an itinerary that does get you to London with a tolerable stopover in J. Unfortunately, flying out of Brisbane seems to be a pain as far as international travel is concerned, as every itinerary I tried would have you flying to Sydney or Melbourne with about an hour stopover, which IMO is not ideal. Of course, if you’re willing to tolerate economy then you both can be going RTW with points. But good luck! :slight_smile: