Help needed: Qantas classic rewards flight from London/Europe to Australia

Hi again,

Thanks for the help on my last question. I’m looking at a change of dates and I’m struggling to find classic rewards options for the last leg of our trip. We’re hoping to fly from London, Brussels or Ámsterdam to Adelaide or Melbourne (or other Aus city) around 16/7/23 and I’m having trouble finding flights that don’t include Jetstar from Asia to Aus.

I’m still quite new to this, so I’m wondering if anyone have any ideas/tips? If needed we can make our own way from Asia to Aus but we’d prefer to include as part of our RTW

Good thinking about Jetstar. For a OneWorld RTW booking, you must only have OneWorld member airlines. Jetstar is not one of them and so you are not allowed to have them as part of your booking.

You didn’t specify what class or how many people, but I assume from last time, it would be Economy and for 2.

The closest to the date that you want, I could really only find one somewhat alright option:
16/7 London - Mumbai on British Airways 199 which arrives 11:10 am on the 17th
17/7 Mumbai - Colombo - Sydney on Sri Lankan Airlines departing 8:40pm so you have the day if you decide to explore Mumbai, but I tried to shorten the transit time and this was the best I could come up with.
Note that this doesn’t show up if you search London to Sydney all in one go, but if you separate it out between London to Mumbai and Mumbai to Sydney, you should be able to see this. London to Mumbai also available as Premium Economy or Business. Colombo and Mumbai are fine cities to transit given the ample amount of time, but novice travellers may be a bit wary of them.

Sri lankan also flies Paris to Colombo which can connect onto the onward flight to Sydney as well on similar dates, but only Business Class was available for that and it also involves a lengthy connection time at Colombo.

If purely looking from Asia to Australia some options include:
18/24 JUL Tokyo Narita to Melbourne JL773
11 JUL HKG-PER Premium Economy only
24 JUL HKG-PER Business only
12 or 24 JUL Tokyo Haneda-SYD-MEL

From Europe, most flights into Tokyo are arriving at Haneda Airport. Most of the time, the timing doesn’t provide for a quick connection so you might consider a stopover at Tokyo. Some options include:
15-16. 18 onwards Helsinki-Tokyo Haneda in Economy (you can add connections to Helsinki from your European cities but booking them together seems to force a business class short haul flight with so might be worth investigating whether this is possible)
On similar dates, LHR-HKG is possible via dubai. London to India remains reliably plentiful amongst all classes of travel.

EDIT: Qatar airways actually has lots of economy seats travelling from London/or other european destinations back to Melbourne or Adelaide, but Qantas has been blocked from accessing these seats beyond 4 months out. So there is a chance that by around mid March, you could access a more direct routing home via Doha. In that case, you could change some of your flights to take advantage of this.

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