Help/guidance for a newbie who wants to start earning Velocity

Hi all

I am very much new to the points hacking scene, but am keen and interested to start for future travel.
I have done some preliminary research and Velocity is definitely the way I want to go. I currently have no debts, a good credit score (770-790) and a humm90 credit card with a 7.5k limit.

What cards would you recommend as entry level to earn velocity points?

I should mention from research, I’ve found these that look good.
NAB Rewards Signature
Virgin Money Flyer Visa
Amex Velocity escape

There’s plenty of guides on the pointhacks website that’ll help you get started. Right now there are a couple of sign up offers that might entice you to sign up for one card over another! So take a look at the credit card section of the site:

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Pick a card with a high amount of bonus points and a low annual fee. For the average wage earner, the bonus points will be more lucrative than the points you will earn from everyday spending. I myself have chosen the Virgin Flyer Visa for this reason.

May not be too late (offer ends in nearly 3 hours) but sign up to this so that you can earn an extra 40000 velocity points - Velocity Points earning Credit Card benefit Selection

The below posts can help re this offer