Having trouble finding award seats to book a RTW redemption using Qantas points

Hi all. New to this forum so sorry if this has been asked before.
I have read the guide to booking a RTW trip using Qantas points but I cant even get the first sector done.
I originally hoped to fly SYD to JNB in business class anytime after April 2023 but it shows there are no reward seats on any dates next year. So I looked at SYD to LHR and I get same result. No rewards flights! I even looked at dates that didn’t suit where the calendar suggests there are reward flights but when I select the date I can’t find a reward flight in any class.
I find it hard to believe there are no reward flights this far out.


G’day @neilholding

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is most likely no Classic reward availability for pretty much all dates post-Easter for travel from Australia to anywhere bar Asia (and maybe the US?). However, if you can get to a gateway city in Asia, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Colombo (or others), either using cash or Qantas Points as part of a RTW trip (or simple Classic Reward trip), then you may have better luck.

As an example, to get you to JNB from SYD (and NOT part of a Oneworld Classic Reward, or ‘RTW’), you could take the following:

13:25 - 20:15 Malaysia Airlines SYD - KUL (19 April) - Economy
10:15 - 13:10 Emirates KUL - DXB (20 April) - Business
14:40 - 20:50 Emirates DXB - JNB (20 April) - Business

Total Cost: 149,400 Qantas Points + ~745 in taxes/fees per person

This is purely an example, and note you cannot use Emirates as part of a Oneworld RTW, as they’re not part of Oneworld. It was just to show a method of getting to the destination you want as comfortable as possible, without simply paying for Biz.

If you have a more in depth itinerary that you’re unsure about, just post it and myself or the many, more knowledgeable people here can probably help out.

Hope this helps!


Thanks very much for your detailed reply. Starting to realise that booking a RTW trip is challenging but will continue to see what is possible.

Thanks again.