Have all Qatar rewards flights been removed from Qantas?

I have been keeping my eye on flights Manila > Paris June 2023. This was probably the first mistake - should have booked ASAP. I can now not see any Qatar flights from / to any destination on any date - is it possible they’ve temporarily been removed? Any help appreciated, and suggestions on where else to fly from to Paris.

If you are willing to leave from anywhere else other than Manila, there is a wide range of asian cities to choose from: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh city, Bangkok, etc.
You can also consider switching it up on the Paris end. You might consider flying to London (many departures daily) and then taking the Eurostar over. You can also think of a number of neighbouring countries including Germany, Switzerland, Spain or Italy.

Thank you @djtech i have searched high and low and options seems to be Hong Kong > Zurich, but this will cost over AUD$1000 which makes it not that attractive. (Business class to Europe in June is my criteria). Pretty flexible. Any suggestions are so appreciated!

I don’t know what you mean about having no award space! I’m seeing plenty. Here’s one I just found randomly searching on the 15th of June.

Manila to Paris doesn’t seem to be a problem. What are you having trouble with?

Not shown on Qantas. Tried multicity but couldn’t find anything.

Yes, can not find anything on Qantas on any day. That is where im having trouble with - I have read Cathay might release more flights? Not sure if anyone has info on that?

@djtech where did you search and find that?

Qatar might possibly be preparing to move their reward seat availability over from Qantas to Velocity. My Velocity points are patiently waiting…

This sounds like it could be right! As there is not one Qatar flight that I can see on Qantas. How lucky, I’ve been building QFF points - hopefully some more flights are released so I can use them next year!

On Qantas mobile app.

Which is interesting… because this should be space open to all oneworld airlines. Unless something funny is happening here! I’m able to see it on AA.
Anyways, I would consider the Japan Airlines option @w.hiew suggested! I see a couple dates in June for that.

Does anyone know why all of the Qatar flights with Classic Reward Bus Class seats disappeared from the Qantas sight this morning. It has completely ruined my planning process for a RTW ticket

Yeah I thought this was very strange too… I’ll keep an eye out. Im wondering if Cathay/Emirates will be releasing more flights… i’ve seen 2 emirates scattered from a few locations… fingers crossed. Does anyone know if this is likely?!

Emirates not likely to have a systematic release. Cathay will not release more until there is certainty of a relaxation of Hong Kong’s quarantine measures which we are still not sure of when that will come.
If you need to travel in June, I would book now. You can always change your ticket later for a small fee.