Has there been an increase in Qantas FF redemption point cost?


A month ago I was looking at booking return flights in Business Class from Sydney to Rome using QANTAS FF points. When I was selecting flights through the QANTAS site I was finding I could book the return flights for 1 person, 12 months in advance, for approx. 155,000/160,000 QFF points. Those flights were all on Emirates business class, Sydney-Dubai, Dubai-Rome and vice versa for the return.

Now, 1 month later, when I try to book the same flights 12 months in advance it’s quoting in 200,000+. I think when I checked a month ago I was looking at June 2018, and I’ve also looked at June 2018 now and still the hike in points.

Any idea of reasoning for the points increase?

Also, does anyone know how to get to Europe (any city) from Sydney return in Business Class for 150,000/160,000 QFF points?



I haven’t heard of an increase in redemption costs.

SYD-DXB-Rome costs 128k for 1 way business class.

Your lower figure may have been a mixed class booking.