Has the number of segments restriction for Oneworld RTW changed since 2019?

I am a little confused with the terminology. Have things changed since 2019?
That year I booked a RTW Oneworld business class ticket with the following flights. There were associated surface sectors.

  1. Melbourne to Sydney
  2. Sydney to Beijing
  3. Mykonos to London
  4. London to Reykjavik
  5. Reykjavik to London
  6. London to New York
  7. Boston to Doha
  8. Doha to Singapore
  9. Singapore to Sydney
  10. Sydney to Melbourne
    Now I’m waiting til early April to book flights for 2024. The QANTAS site only allows you to book 6 flights but you are allowed 16 segments of travel. If I manage to find a flight that is going via another city, can I transit in that city for a few days.
    The rules talk about ‘16 segments of travel’ and ‘up to five stopovers’.
    If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
    Many thanks,

G’day @sallyannemcdougal
The definition of a stopover is a period of time greater than 24 hours spent in a city - for example, if you have a flight arriving into somewhere at 3pm on Monday, if you don’t have a flight leaving from that airport by 2.59pm on Tuesday, it would count as a stopover. You can only have 5 of these stopovers. However, you can transit through cities by spending less than 24 hours on the ground, so these don’t count towards the stopover limit.

The 16 segments of travel could be reached by searching for flights where a stopover is necessary, e.g Sydney to Paris might end up being SYD-PER-LHR-CDG (an example), which, while only 1 flight when searching, is actually 3 segments of travel.

All in all, you can’t transit in a city for more than 24 hours while still calling it a ‘transit’ - it then becomes a stopover, which you can only have 5. The only restriction on under 24 hour transits are that you can only transit through a city twice.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much for the time you’ve taken to get back to me. I thought that was the case but I thought I had managed more stopovers on my earlier booking and wondered if things had changed. Again, many thanks.