Has Qantas removed the ability to use QFF points to fly on LAN Airlines to Santiago?


A few months ago I was searching for availability for two business class tickets to fly from Santiago to Melbourne using my QFF points on the Qantas website. At the time there was a lot of availability on LAN (via Auckland) about 10 months out, and very limited availability on Qantas (which is fairly normal). However, when searching today, I discovered there is no availability at any time for LAN Airlines, including in economy.

Is anyone aware as to whether Qantas has discontinued the ability to book LAN flights using QFF points?

I also found the following statement on Qantas’ website “Note: Classic Flight Reward bookings are not available on the LAN (LA) airline code from Australia or New Zealand to Santiago. Classic Flight Rewards must be booked using the QF airline code.” (https://www.qantas.com.au/fflyer/dyn/partners/airline/lan#using-points).