Has anyone used Rental Rewards to pay for rental and earn points?

Hi guys,

Has anyone used Rental Rewards to pay for their rental?
I am not sure if its worth collecting the credit card points with the fees involved.

Monthly Membership Fee: $5.
Credit/ Debit Card payments: 1.1% + $2 transaction fee.

Their website does not seem very informative too, or maybe I’m just not good at using their website.

Thank you.


Just doing some rough sums here:

Rent per week: $300

Rent per month: $1300 (300*52/12)

Cost per month through Rental Rewards - $31.30 (assuming Amex is charged the same amount - I couldn’t find info from website) and assuming you pay once a month.

If you have Amex Explorer card, earns 2 MRG points per $, you get 2600 pts per month, which are worth $52 if you value them at 2 cents per point (cpp).

If the value of the points you earn is more than the extra cost you have to pay by going via Rental Rewards, its is worthwhile. However, essentially, you are ‘buying’ points. It comes down to how much you are willing to pay for the point of your choice.