Has anyone used family points transfers with SPG recently?

Hello everyone,

Earlier in the year, there were a few travel hacking sites which said that, there could be restrictions
in transferring Starpoints from various family accounts into one main account.

I would like to know if anyone has problems pooling Starpoints into the one account lately?
Just that, my parents’ accounts have 35% discount in the current Starpoints purchasing promo, and i want to buy them (The maximum amount), and then transfer them into my own account.

Family Pooling with SPG is straightforward, it just takes a few days for them to move the points from one account to another. The addresses on the account also need to be the same, and if you request this over the phone, they ask to speak to both account holders as well.

One Mile at a Time has a decent run through of some recent family pooling changes worth reading here.