Has anyone tried claiming the Qantas price promise against OTA fares?

Hi all.
Looking at Melbourne to Athens in May next year in business, return.
If I go to the Qantas site it’s around $8k return. If I go to BYOJET.COM.AU the same flights, times etc (both using emirates planes) its just under $6k. Now Qantas have a price promise.
I have checked out the finer details and although they make it hard to show them the details they require it can be done, but the question is who would be brave enough to try it.
BYOJET.com.au are owned by flightcentre so that answers their questions about , ABN, the money through your C/C is deposited into a flightcentre account but I am sure there will be loop holes.
Anyone try it?
Thanks Peter

Hi Peter, \r\nI’ve found the same and looking at BYOJET for other routes too. Did you get any further with getting clarification on this?\r\nThanks - Jon

Hi Peter,

As someone who works in the travel industry, I’d double and triple check that. The airlines work margins into their pricing, and some of the OTA’s discount that margin to sell the fares at net and make money of their sites ad revenue, but more than $2000 per person difference raises all kinds of alarm bells for me. The margin Qantas build in for most retail and online agencies is between 5-10%, so that would be well below cost for anyone - I can’t imagine any online agency selling you a ticket at a roughly $1500 loss.

I’d be thinking maybe they’re selling you mixed class fares perhaps being the difference. FCTG has a contract to sell QF/EK mixed class fares, where you fly business to Dubai and then economy the shorter leg to Europe, which generally price $5.5k - $6k and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s what you’ve got there.

Rather than trying to get Qantas to do it, why not go to your local Flight Centre branch and just get them to price-match it for you? I’d have thought that would be easier than sitting on hold to Manila for an hour, and in my experience they generally don’t make it easy for you when you try and take them up on the price promise bit.


Hi Jimmy, thanks for your reply.

I have checked and checked the byojet.com.au several times and their fare is definate

Melb, to Athens via Dubai, stop overnight then on to Athens the next day. Have confirmed that this flight is in business as well. Return is the same.

Have carefully checked flight numbers and both sites have the same QF flight numbers using emirates planes.

Have tried one Flightcentre and he was hopeless but have been told of someone else to try.