Has anyone noticed the lack of Velocity Reward space to the US in recent months?

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has successfully booked velocity redemption to the US for 2 people from either MEL/SYD recently (within the previous 6 or 8 months)? I see number of availability for single person (on either SQ or EY) but not so much for two people from the virgin website online.

Should I give them a call to find out? or what’s on the website is generally a good indicator of what they have if I call? Please share your experience :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Hi Peter,

I haven’t done the said bookings recently but last I heard, award availability (via Velocity) on business or first class flights to EU and USA are few and far between.

These are usually the most popular international routes out of AU so usually you need to redeem for 11/12 mths in advance to increase your chances. However, award availability have dried up since I last heard.

Maybe others with more relevant experience can comment on this.