Has anyone have any experience using multiple frequent flyer numbers on one booking?


Has anyone out there have any experience of adding multiple frequent flyer numbers to one booking?

Here’s the scenario:

Flying to Europe next school holidays. We are Velocity members due to family pooling and flying Etihad Airways (EY) . The return sector is Catania-Rome-Abu Dhabi-Melbourne (CTA-FCO-AUH-MEL). All booked on Etihad Airways with Etihad Airways flight numbers.

But …  The first sector Catania-Rome (domestic in Italy) is operated by Alitalia (AZ) for which we don’t currently earn miles nor status credits on Virgin Australia (VA).  So, I was thinking about putting them on our Etihad Airways Guest membership.  Reluctant to call Etihad as they might get a bit miffed that we’re not using Guest Membership for the whole trip.

Any experience, thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.


I had a similar issue flying on a RTW ticket split between velocity and Star Alliance. \r\nJust call Alitalia and get them to add your Etihad membership numbers to the relevant sectors. \r\nHope this helps.

Thanks Craigster. Will give it a go

No problem on Star Alliance LX LH Fares

Have my QF number in  LH number in and UA number in all courtesy Lufthansa call centre here i nAustralia

yes i did    LH miles for LX/LH sements QF for QF segments and UA for UA segments - you can see the booking on all websites