Has anyone had to change flights on a classic reward flight?

Hi . Has anyone tried to change flights themselves on a classic rewards business 318 itinerary. Finnair have changed flight times on our booking and now we arrive into London after the flight to Helsinki departs !! Our booking is not until October so I’m not sure if I try to make changes now or wait and see if more flights become available. I’m not sure on how to make changes anyway. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Gday Emily,

I personally haven’t had to go through the trouble of changing a Oneworld Classic Award, however, the way to do so is to call Qantas on 13 13 13. My suggestion whenever you call Qantas is to have all of the information available on hand, so your previous itinerary, and if you get the opportunity to, perhaps a new flight for the London to Helsinki leg that may work for you, or maybe the leg into London (not sure where you’re flying into London from, but domestic routes have more flights per day, so easier to change onto with reward availability). Theres no cost for calling up, although to change a Oneworld Classic Award it is usually 5000 QFF points, although this is currently waived. I would do this sooner rather than later, just for peace of mind, although you are correct in that more seats may become available the closer it gets to the flight. Hope this helps!

Thank you, yes thats helpful as now I can do my research before talking to them. One of the hard bits is finding business seats ! Thanks again