Has anyone had experience using frequentflyer.com.au for award booking services?

Still struggling to get return flights to Italy next July. Has anyone used frequentflyer.com.au. Look like they are able to assist in booking award flights at a very reasonable fee…???

If you don’t want the hassle of finding award space and booking them yourself, then this service could work for you. However, they aren’t going to have access to anymore flights than what you can already find. So if you can’t find any space using your Qantas points, they won’t be able to work any magic if you’ve done your own comprehensive research.

If you can’t find return flights to Italy, try flying to other places in Europe, starting in different Australian cities and search by one-way flights. Most importantly, be flexible with your dates.

Thanks. I have tried everything trust me… I found a flight to Hong Kong, stop over for one day and then to Manchester in business class… Return flight I could only fly from Dusseldorf to Dubai but then I am stuck there as I couldn’t find anything form there. Travelling with 2 kids on my own I don’t think is ideal having too many flights in such a short time. Have you used their services? Are they legitimate? Reason being I contact Iflyflat but they charge $1700 per person whilst this other company only $200. Thanks

I haven’t used services of this kind before but I believe they are legitimate. They are owned by the same people as Australian Frequent Flyer which is the largest frequent flyer forum/community in Australia.

I found reward seats for 1 adult and 2 children on 5 August in business from Manchester- Perth-Brisbane on Cathay if that helps?