Has anyone flown on a Qantas/Emirates reward flight lately into Australia?

Hi. I’m currently living in the UK but want to move back home to New Zealand in March/April next year. I have enough Qantas reward points to fly home business with emirates and there are reward flights available. I flew here using this and it was great. Has anyone actually flown using reward points during the pandemic? I am worried I may be bumped off a flight since it’s just a reward fare? Surely they will be the first to get bumped? It’s a bit of a nightmare getting back to nz at the moment with needing to book a quarantine hotel so don’t want to have my flight cancelled then have to wait months to get another quarantine place/flight. Would be really grateful if anyone has tried to book a reward flight recently. Thanks very much.

Not exactly answering your question but I flew to Perth last week on an American Airlines business class points ticket using Cathay pacific. I booked the flight in August and 2 weeks before the flights Cathay rang me to confirm that I was going. I was warned to have the right contact phone number in my booking. All went smoothly. No idea about Emirates… but Good luck