Has anyone else received a refund from Oman Air for flight cancellation from 2020?

Has anyone received a refund from Oman Air for a cancelled reservation? I was told my refund would be processed in late Jan (6 months after the cancellation of my reservation) and 12 months after booking. I’ve now been told that the refund has been “authorised” and would be “another few weeks for the refunds to come through.”

I feel as though I’m getting the runaround and am curious if anyone has actually received their refund?

I did receive my refund pretty quickly, but it was booked through a travel agent and she did the work. It was also for a flight in March, so very early. Good luck.

Update on my situation with this refund, is that I pursued the credit card charge back route. I have had the money credited back to my card today via Commbank (albeit they were not particularly keen on processing it, but upon pushing did so).

Oman Air Australia were still advising that,“we do have an unprecedented high amount of refund requests at this time, and the process takes longer than usual” and they would follow up with head office.

My advice to anyone awaiting a refund and if you paid via credit card, is to start the charge back process with your card provider.

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