Has anyone else had their Qantas Reward booking cancelled without notice?

Made a classic reward booking 2 months ago for 2 people in Bus/ Premium from Melbourne to LA (via Sydney, HK out and back via Osaka, Sydney) and the booking showed up in my FF account. When I logged in a few days ago all flights have disappeared from the booking except for Melb-Syd flight on the way out.

Preparing myself for a long call to Qantas FF but wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any advice? I’m hoping to avoid paying for the flights given the crazy price of flights right now!

Hopefully, you have received the pdf itinerary from Qantas. The first thing you need is the e-ticket to confirm the flight was ticketed. It will also give you the reference code.

Secondly, I would check whether the flight on the date is still being sold, especially in the class/cabin of your booking.

I would then hassle Qantas for an appropriate response. Escalate to a supervisor if you are getting no where.

Unfortunately, Qantas has minimal say over other airlines releasing more award space. But your itinerary looks like Qantas flights. If Qantas flies to those destinations, you are in with some more chances as Qantas can force release of some more award seats. Good luck.

I actually never received the PDF itinerary although I had that problem recently for a flight from Melb - Honolulu, which was because they hadn’t processed payment which seems very bizarre.

Flights for this trip are a mix of Qantas, Cathay (Syd-HK-LA), JAL LA-Osaka. Qantas flies to those destinations so hopefully I’ll have some luck and will definitely escalate the problem if reuqired.

thanks for the intel.