Has anyone else experience loss of Qantas flight credits?

Has anyone had any luck recovering lost bookings put into credit by Qantas. Four bookings ($5,500) advised by Qantas to be put into credit have now disappeared into their system with a serious lack of help trying to find them.

Have you gone to the Qantas Flight Credit site?

To see your Qantas flight credit go to: Qantas Flight Credits | Qantas

You then have to enter your original flight booking number and the name of the passenger who was on the original flight.

Your credit and the expiry date of the credit will appear there and is available to redeem on Qantas flights.

The Credits were never put under my Qantas profile and I don’t have two of the booking references. I am basically being told they don’t exist.

The flight credit is placed under the name of the passenger who was originally flying. It is irrelevant who booked the flight. That was my experience for a cancelled flight that I’d originally booked for someone else. You need to search under the original passenger’s name and you also need the original flight booking number too.

I booked the flights under my own name Searching under my own name has revealed nothing, just told bookings don’t exist, and fed irrelevant information. Unfortunately due to an outlook glitch have lost email records of bookings. Qantas no longer interested in finding lost bookings unless can provide booking reference despite advising to put into credit